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What more could you want for Christmas?

By camilla @ 3:19 pm

I thought I would help you out with a little Christmas shopping.  It’s not too late for these interesting gifts for anyone in the family.  These are from Jeanne and Bill of Jeanne Rae Crafts and Wildflower Wood, that lovely couple who produce Personalized Christmas Ornaments and Painted Furniture. They are at 74 Cedar St. in Newport, VT. and you may call 802-334-7298.  These are wonderful, lasting gifts! Here’s a little look!

Jeannie and Bill Prue


More from the Newport City Orchestra

By camilla @ 4:28 pm

violin fingeringStacy Vos has created a documentary for the Newport Area Community Orchestra.  Well done, Stacy.  Most enjoyable.  Here it is:


A little piece of the Orchestra Members’ Recital

By camilla @ 11:24 am

tubaFor those of you who could not be in attendance for the 2nd Annual Orchestra Members Recital on December 6th,  here is a link to the recording on the orchestras website:

Some of you will recognize WHAG member, Chris Nicotera, performing with his wife, Heather. They always play lovely music together. More about them

There are so many fine musicians , but I do have my favorite pieces. One, for sure, is the Mozart Divertimento for Winds!  And, Take a listen to Venice Fantasia!  Why is it that I always feel happy when I hear this piece?  This time with Thomas McCurdy on Tuba and Vivian Spates at the piano!!!  This was FUN!  Haven’t heard a good tuba for a long time! I just loved this arrangement! Thanks to all of you! And, thanks to Ken Michelli for his tenacity: “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity. “

~ Louis Pasteur


Pics from the Artisan’s Sale Day!

By camilla @ 10:29 am

Img_0573-Food as Art - 2014Img_0580 - resize 800Img_0577--800Img_0579-800We did have a fun day at the Artisan’s Sale. Lots of cookies and sweets went out the door (benefitting the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund). Take a look at these images…just a few items from each artist…..promoting the wonderful work they do.



By camilla @ 7:29 am

File0372  resized 900


Second Season – Now Playing Newport!

By camilla @ 8:04 pm


Sunday, December 6 begins the Second Season of NOW PLAYING NEWPORT!  Don’t miss this one!  It’ called “Member Recital” and “starring” members of the Newport Area Community Orchestra!



Artisan’s Christmas Sale

By camilla @ 10:09 am

File0372  resized 900Artisan sale 2014


The End

By camilla @ 10:10 am

Closing Day for Laurie Salzmann  Long Meadow Farms Quilts (and more)   Dec 31

Long Meadow Farm store

We’ve all seen the articles and suggestions to “Shop Small and Shop Local” during the week after Thanksgiving.  Well, how about “Shop Small and Local” from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas EVE.  I know a terrific place for both!  Long Meadow Farms on the Waterfront Plaza in Newport, VT.  If you’re considering buying some gifts for Christmas of 2014 and 2015, this would be a good time because as of December 31st, there will be no more Long Meadow Farms.   I like shopping this little store of many pleasures and unique hand-created, well-crafted, Vermont only merchandise. Many local artisans have their works here and I am always excited to see the Cobble Mountain chairs and hammocks. Walk right in to find well crafted, fairly priced, unique gifts for just about anyone.

This is not intended to be an advertisement, only to say that it will be a sad day for this area when Long Meadow Farms is no longer…. The only shop of its kind in the Northeast Kingdom with “Vermont Only” items for sale at prices which won’t “break the bank”.  So, stop in and say, “Thanks” to Laurie for bringing all of these interesting arts to our attention for a time.  I’ll bet you will find “the perfect gift” while you’re there!

In 2010, the Wooden Horse Arts Guild promoted Laurie and “Long Meadow Farms” with this:

Laurie weaving

Laurie at work on a “Cobble Mountain” hammock…..


Music, Music, Music!

By camilla @ 9:33 am
flute   The Newport Area Community Orchestra will present a fundraiser concert tonight – Saturday, November 22,at the American Legion in Newport, VT at 7:00 pm.
  Our 2nd Annual Orchestra Members Recital: Sunday, December 6th at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 2:00 pm.
The last program is the Winter solstice service at the First Universalist Parish on Sunday, December 21st at 4:00 pm.
And, thus ends the orchestras’s very busy fall concert season.  More to come in 2015.  Bookmark their website!


The Art of Photography of Youth

By camilla @ 10:15 am

The Photo Fun 2014 contest has come to an end. The Wooden Horse Arts Guild offered this contest to any young photographers, grades 5 – 12 throughout the State of Vermont and were pleased to receive entry photographs from 23 young Vermonters from 16 Vermont towns.   To help better understand photography, the use of the camera, lighting, and how to compose their photograph in taking pictures of many and varied subjects, the students were invited to attend a free seminar which took place in North Troy on a beautiful day in August.  Four professional photographers and a Visual Arts instructor from North Country Union High School, Newport, Vt. were chosen and directed to judge the photos based on Originality, Composition and technical details. Now, thanks to our webmaster, Steve Maas of Catamount Creatives, to see the winning photos, the judges and more, visit

#4.William Paulson_6th_The Bear  resize
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