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Visiting Ann

By camilla @ 4:42 pm

A few years ago, Ann Young became one of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild Sponsors:  We are grateful to Ann –  her sponsorship is helping artists and craftsmen of many ages to go forward in their travels to help them become an artist. Thank you, Ann!

Since I am a little bit of a home-bodynow, I took the time to browse Ann’s “Blogspot”  ….. It’s All About Color – Nature, People and  Paintings….”   Her paintings are unique and interesting and unforgettable.   I guess that one of the reasons I am so taken with her art is that she never stops studying and learning….Her work is always fresh and different!  I love Ann’s Blogspot, especially when she begins a new painting – here’s the one she is beginning now:Ann Young

Visit Ann’s website…You’ll see where her work is shown, paintings and more. These are two of my favorites!

AND THEY SHALL INHERIT   -below                                                                   TAPAS NIGHT Ann Young

Ann Young-And They Shall Inherit

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