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The Wooden Horse Arts Guild Arts Education Committee announces the Fall Scholarship Round for the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Applications for the Fall round of up to $500.00 will be accepted beginning October 1st, 2017. The round will be closed to applicants on December 1st., 2017.


Art isn’t just a throw-away class and neither is the study of crafts…they are  subjects that can lead to a meaningful career for creative students, whether a highschooler or a Mom who has the ability to take on a project and wants to go further. If you have talent, and the ability to express a passion for your medium of choice in each project you take on, well, you’re doing something you love. Might as well get a little financial aid to help you along!

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild offers their Arts Education scholarships to help with funds for drawing, painting, photography, design, and even  music and literary arts. Our scholarships are specific to those who live in Vermont and are ages 16 through those older adults who want to continue their artistic talent.

Activities supported by the fund include, but are not limited to, workshops, private or group classes, performance, instrument rental or purchase and acquisition of art supplies.   Applications and all information are at:

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