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Teaching kids (all ages) to cook!

By camilla @ 3:28 pm






Usually I am telling you about an event in various parts of our State. I like knowing what’s going on, but today I write about something about which I am hoping for a change!

This morning I learned that our high school will no longer have a Culinary Arts Division. I was sad and more.  How did this happen? So, it occurred to me that someone in our small area would absolutely love to teach kids to cook!  Sometimes parents are just too busy to take it on or remember that “If only I knew how to cook when I went to college.”  In our family, everyone knows how to cook and/or bake….. the kids (even our grandsons) hang over us when making cookies or a pie or barbecued hamburgers…..even to learning how to use the grill!   We were surprised and very happy when our oldest grandson was in engineering school and “cooked his way” sort of, through college. (thanks to his mom for really loving food) He put the menu for the day on his door and orders would be attached!  He knows how to shop, how to use the stove and oven, how to make healthy and delicious foods, etc. He has a great job now and never wonders where his next meal is coming from……cupboards and refrigerator stocked! He looks forward to preparing his meals…Food ideas are fun! Preparing is even more fun!

The Spring Round applications of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild  are now being received.  Trailing along with the many, many arts, Culinary Arts, and that means FOOD!


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