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By camilla @ 4:38 pm

What does one do on a chilly afternoon when one has “nothing to do”?  This afternoon, I began to wonder how many people had ever wandered into the website or the BLOG of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild.  

So, while sipping my cup of cocoa I began to search (sort of). 

Our website was designed and activated by our webmaster, Steven Maas, in December, 2006.  Steve put on the counter in 2012.  The number of persons  who have seen the site (or, maybe just zoomed through – who knows).  In any case, the count is now 27,000.  Not too bad and we think that at least some of those people have enjoyed our efforts.  Steve set up the Blog for me in 2010..the counter in 2015.  The number is almost 10,000.   As you know, the Blog page is also on the Wooden Horse Arts Guild Blog FaceBook page. That gives you an extra place to look for us.

We hope that you have enjoyed the comings and goings of the WHAG, and the many events we talk about around the Northeast Kingdom and many places beyond.   Let us know!                                


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