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Flowers and more Flowers!

By camilla @ 4:10 pm

Most of us had a hard winter – 2017-18 – Not just us, but the blooming things, too.  And, I took no pictures during 2017, so I will make up for it during 2018 (I Hope).  In the meantime, we will enjoy some of the flowers we had during 2014 and 15. I do love a bouquet on the table….I’m sure most of you do, too!

I do love primroses…..on the right: primula sieboldi (from a primrose gardener in Western Maine)

Lavender with yellow center, the primroses we brought from the Cape in 1986.  They are hardy! One of my favorite shrubs, Wiegelia..So Beautiful!  Email me one or two of your favorite early summer flowers. And, next time – flowers on the table!

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