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On Writing!

By camilla @ 3:18 pm

In 2013, Megan Cashman, writer, asked for comments on her article: Is Writing an Art?  I have thought a lot about this question – and, maybe you have too.  When I read a book, I see the pictures.  Do you?  I like what Dennis Langley said,

” Writers use words the same as a painter uses oils or a sculptor uses clay. We “paint a picture” for the reader, whether its a fantastic new world or a main street in small town Iowa in 2013. The canvas is the reader’s mind.”

Write some words to fit this Young Photographer’s lovely Photo: Her title is “Beginnings”

Visit  the MAC CENTER FOR THE ARTS on Main Street in Newport, VT. (downstairs gallery) to see 50+ of 340 images entered in the 2016-17 Photo Fun Contest for Young Vermont Photographers. These young people used a word or words to describe their photographs. They know and We know that words and music and words and pictures belong together!

If you want more information about Photo Fun or how to enter your young person in the 2018 contest, email,  When you visit the exhibit, please leave your comment about the photos you see. If you wish to have a print of your own, pick up the order sheet at the exhibit.

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