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The Art of Photography of Youth

By camilla @ 10:15 am

The Photo Fun 2014 contest has come to an end. The Wooden Horse Arts Guild offered this contest to any young photographers, grades 5 – 12 throughout the State of Vermont and were pleased to receive entry photographs from 23 young Vermonters from 16 Vermont towns.   To help better understand photography, the use of the camera, lighting, and how to compose their photograph in taking pictures of many and varied subjects, the students were invited to attend a free seminar which took place in North Troy on a beautiful day in August.  Four professional photographers and a Visual Arts instructor from North Country Union High School, Newport, Vt. were chosen and directed to judge the photos based on Originality, Composition and technical details. Now, thanks to our webmaster, Steve Maas of Catamount Creatives, to see the winning photos, the judges and more, visit

#4.William Paulson_6th_The Bear  resize


We Remember

By camilla @ 6:19 pm

Six Months have already flown , but the Wooden Horse Arts guild members and friends will never forget two of our artists who made their mark and helped the WHAG with its beginnings.  We remember Adrien “Yellow” Patenaude and Robert Pasho.  Their lives were filled with their love of art.

We Remember -Adrien and Bob


New Painting!

By camilla @ 8:52 am

Here is a new painting by Wooden Horse Arts Guild member, Ronnie Solitro, who paints wonderful Vermont scenes with “Acrylic on Board”.  This one is “Moose Ridge”Moose Ridge 8x10 - resize-500



By camilla @ 5:21 pm

Couldn’t resist!  Here is another Photo Fun Photo from Ruby Stearns.  Up close and personal!  “MR. GOLD”   (One of the Judges actually fell in love with this frog!)

Ruby Stearns_.Mr. Gold-Judges Choice   -  resized for news

Summer time ?

By camilla @ 11:20 am

Here’s another Photo Fun Photo from Linden Griffiths of Johnson.  These wonderful colors and the arrangement of the flowers give us a “summertime” lift,  especially on this rather cool day! “Sky Blue and Sunshine Yellow”!

#1.Linden Griffith-6th_Sky Blue and Sunshine Yellow-Photographers Choice


The Big Apple

By camilla @ 2:58 pm

An Error Made and now corrected.  Here is “NYC” photo by Tobias Ham, Grade 6, Sheffield, VT.  Thanks for catching it, Harman.

Honorable Mention _Tobias Ham_NYC_

“The Bear” on previous Blog, belongs to William Paulson, Grade 6, St. Albans

The Bear!

By camilla @ 7:43 am

Here’s one more this morning before I leave for Garden Club…….

This is a nifty shot and I wonder if you know where Toby took it???  This is “The Bear” by 6th grader, Tobias Ham of Sheffield.  The judges called it a silhouette! (even though when enlarged you can see it all!)

#4.William Paulson_6th_The Bear  resize

Another Photo from Photo Fun

By camilla @ 7:34 am

Soon you will be able to see all the Photo Fun entries on the web. I’ll let you know!  In the meantime, here’s another I like very much from 11th grader, Christian DiFranco of St. Albans. He used a Powershot to get this image:

“Surreal Afternoon in the Park”   (Another Judge’s choice)

Christian DiFranco_Surreal Afternoon in the Park--resized -400


Cameras & Kids

By camilla @ 10:08 am

Some of you will wonder about the cameras used by the Photo Fun Kids. Well, Ruby Stearns, 8th grade, used a Nikon Coolpix L820…nice clear shots.  Abigail Ham used  Samsung WB 150. Here is an image by Rowan Schatz – 10th grade in Bennington, shot with a Nikon Coolpix P510.  If you are around the Bennington Area, you may recognize this place  “The Skate Shop”. Rowan will receive a ribbon for “Around My Town”.

#1.Rowan Schatz-10th_Skate Shop_Around myTown- resized- 400


By camilla @ 9:43 am

How would you like to wander in these woods? Here’s a wonderful photo from Abigail Ham – 8th grade, of Sheffield, VT.  Here’s a judge’s comment: “This is a beautiful shot of backlit trees. Very dramatic camera angle and beautiful use of light.”  I wouldn’t mind hanging this one on my wall!

Abigail Ham_Trees(Enhanced)-resized - 400
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