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The Talent of a Sculptor is never-ending!

By camilla @ 2:49 pm

Some of you are familiar already with the Wildlife Sculpting of Arthur Wolff. Art is a recent member of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild and member of the Board. Yesterday we were introduced to his latest wonderful work of art.  THE FOX!   This is a beautiful can almost feel the silk of the fur and see the sharpness of her wonderful brown eyes. The wood of her stand is so beautiful – the softness of satin.

See more of Arthur’s sculptures – Wildlife Sculpting at  .  You can also visit



By camilla @ 4:52 pm

This is what we have all been waiting for: PHOTO FUN CHALLENGE 2016-17.   The Young Photographers of Vermont entered 340 photos to be judged during 2016 -2017.  More than 100 are now on the web! The Wooden Horse Arts Guild invites you to visit   We hope you enjoy your visit!



By camilla @ 3:44 pm

   Inviting Poetry Lovers and Writers, MAC Members and Community Members to a Vermont Poetry-Fest

On Saturday, April 21st,  1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Visit the Downstairs Gallery, 158 Main Street, Newport, VT

National Poetry Month Tribute to Vermont Poets, past and present, well-known or un-known.

Sign up and ‘register to read’ by March 31st to read one (or more) of your own poems or choose a favorite from among our many Vermont poets.  Here’s a few: Robert Frost, Ruth Stone, Sidney Lea, Ellen Voigt, Galway Kinnell, Major Jackson, Verandah Porche

For more information visit our website at or call 802-334-1966.  Celebrate the spoken word.  This event is free and open to the public.  If you like poetry (or even if you don’t) give yourself a treat and Enjoy!



By camilla @ 3:18 pm



The Wooden Horse Arts Guild Arts Education Committee announces the Spring Scholarship Round for the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Applications for the Spring round of up to $500.00 are now being accepted. The round deadline is May 1st, 2018.

Are you an artist, craftsman, photographer, writer or musician in need of help to pursue your art? The Wooden Horse Arts Guild provides scholarships to Vermont residents (ages 16 and over)to encourage and recognize artistic excellence in the literary, culinary, visual, performing arts and more. Find applications and report and past scholarship recipients at

The guild reaches beyond its own membership to encourage artistic works by others in the community. Our Mission is to build community through the arts and are working to keep the arts alive. A new year begins.  Membership is open now. See Our next internet exhibit will feature the PHOTO FUN- more than 150 unique and beautiful photographs by young Vermont photographers.


Teaching kids (all ages) to cook!

By camilla @ 3:28 pm






Usually I am telling you about an event in various parts of our State. I like knowing what’s going on, but today I write about something about which I am hoping for a change!

This morning I learned that our high school will no longer have a Culinary Arts Division. I was sad and more.  How did this happen? So, it occurred to me that someone in our small area would absolutely love to teach kids to cook!  Sometimes parents are just too busy to take it on or remember that “If only I knew how to cook when I went to college.”  In our family, everyone knows how to cook and/or bake….. the kids (even our grandsons) hang over us when making cookies or a pie or barbecued hamburgers…..even to learning how to use the grill!   We were surprised and very happy when our oldest grandson was in engineering school and “cooked his way” sort of, through college. (thanks to his mom for really loving food) He put the menu for the day on his door and orders would be attached!  He knows how to shop, how to use the stove and oven, how to make healthy and delicious foods, etc. He has a great job now and never wonders where his next meal is coming from……cupboards and refrigerator stocked! He looks forward to preparing his meals…Food ideas are fun! Preparing is even more fun!

The Spring Round applications of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild  are now being received.  Trailing along with the many, many arts, Culinary Arts, and that means FOOD!


Budding Artists!!!

By camilla @ 2:25 pm




The Wooden Horse Arts Guild Arts Education Committee has announced the Spring Scholarship Round for the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Applications of up to $500.00 are now being accepted.  The round will be closed to applicants on May 1st, 2018.

One of the ways the Guild fulfills its 501(c)3 mission is through the Scholarship Fund. We encourage and recognize artistic excellence in the literary, visual and performing arts. See more at

The fund provides cash awards to enable Vermont residents ages 16 and over to enhance their growth and education in the arts and is supported by donations from members, the general public and fund raising events conducted by the Wooden Horse Arts Guild.

The Guild welcomes donations to help continue this important work and expand scholarship monies for Vermonters interested in continuing their artistic development. Donations to the fund are fully deductible under section 170 of the 501c3 code and may be sent to WHAG Scholarships, P.O. Box 502  North Troy, VT. 05859.  Donations can also be made through PayPal.

Complete information about the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund, the recipients and applications are at  for more information or to request an application, write to Wooden Horse Arts Guild, Inc., P.O. Box 502, North Troy, VT. 05859 or email:

 Drawing  /   Music  /  Culinary Arts / Literary Arts  /  Painting  / Photography  / Sculpture  /   Metal Work / Architecture  /  Performing Arts  / Pottery and ceramic art /  and on and on.  Which one is yours???


Green-Up Day with a new poster!!

By camilla @ 9:55 am


The 2018 overall poster design contest winner: Uma Chirkova, Grade 8, Newbury. Congratulations Uma!  We are very proud of Uma…She is a multi-talented young lady who is not afraid to begin anything in the arts.  Soon the Photographs from the Photo Fun Kids will be on the Wooden Horse Arts Guild Website where you will see some most unusual photos from Uma, along with 24 other Young Vermont Photographers. In the meantime:  GREAT JOB, UMA!



By camilla @ 5:09 pm






“Art” isn’t just a throw-away class…it’s a subject that comes in many forms.  If you have true talent,  and the ability to express a passion for  each project you take on…. Are you doing that already? Well then, you’re already on your way toward a successful future doing something you love. Might as well get a little financial aid to help you along!

Art runs the gamut from drawing and painting to photography and design and even includes art of the culinary, musical and literary varieties. The purpose of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund is to provide funding to enable youth and adults to enhance their personal growth and education.

Applications are accepted from Vermont residents from ages 16 through adults to further your  education in the arts, helping you pay for a special workshop, lessons, performance, equipment, supplies, etc.

We look forward to receiving your scholarship application!  Here is where to find it: The Spring Round applications are now being received.   The deadline is May 1st, 2018.


MUSIC               WRITING                                                                 PERFORMANCE  



     DESIGN                                                                                                                                                               PHOTOGRAPHY                                                   


Beautiful Equine Artist

By camilla @ 11:03 am

During this past summer I was fortunate to meet an outstanding pencil artist. Maine artist Pat Wooldridge uses graphite pencil to create subtle shadings in her beautifully rendered horse portraits.

  • Detailed Pencil Art
  • Horse Portraits, All Breeds
  • Barns & Homes
  • Commercial Buldings
  • Silhouette Art
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Commissions Welcome

I do hope you will visit Pat’s website and She is an interesting and eclectic artist. I hope to visit the Fryburg Fair and see her and her wonderful work again. Maybe I’ll see you there!


And, here’s the trains! Don’t miss the Collectors Fair! Orleans,VT. Elementary School Gym!~

By camilla @ 2:19 pm

The trains will be running!  Don’t Miss it!
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